Where Can You See Pictures of Cysts From Ingrown Hairs?


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Folliculitis Clinic posts several photos of cysts from ingrown hairs, including photos of razor bumps. Cysts form when an ingrown hair becomes infected, or they can occur as an immune system reaction to the presence of the ingrown hair, explains Folliculitis Clinic.

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The photo gallery at Folliculitis Clinic also hosts photos of severe cases of folliculitis, scars resulting from folliculitis, and hypopigmented or hyperpigmented spots resulting from the condition. Ingrown hairs typically occur as a response to bacterial or fungal infections, chemicals that irritate the skin, shaving too closely, and skin care products that clog the pores. People with tightly curled hair or dry skin are more likely to develop ingrown hairs and the resulting cysts, notes Folliculitis Clinic.

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