How Can You Get Seconal Without Prescription?

Seconal is a controlled substance and cannot be legally obtained in the United States without a valid prescription from a licensed health care provider. According to WebMD, Seconal is a barbituate with a high potential for abuse, and it can generate abnormal drug-seeking behavior among addicts.

Seconal is the trade name of secobarbital, which WebMD decribes as a barbituate hypnotic that is frequently used for its calming effects immediately prior to invasive surgery. Obtaining Seconal without a valid prescription is illegal in every jurisdiction in the United States, as the drug is a controlled substance.

Taking Seconal without proper medical supervision is not advisable. WebMD reports that the drug is habit-forming and capable of causing serious withdrawal symptoms among dependent users. Unsupervised withdrawal from Seconal can cause hallucinations, seizures and, in rare cases, death.

The side effects of Seconal are also problematic, and they make the drug even more dangerous to take without a prescription. According to WebMD, these side effects may include sleepiness, trouble waking up, headache, vomiting and even sleep driving, a condition in which the person who has taken Seconal attempts to drive a vehicle without fully waking up and then retains no memory of the event.