What can you say to turn your boyfriend on?


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Flirting and talking dirty to your boyfriend may turn him on, depending on his personality. Some men find straightforward phrases such as, "I'm so hot for you," "I want to take your clothes off" and "You look so good in that shirt, but it would look better on my bedroom floor" very sexy and attractive. Whispering seductively while you suggest new things to try in bed or saying how hot you think he is may arouse your boyfriend.

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Flirting can be as simple as saying, "Hey sexy" and smiling. To turn your boyfriend on by flirting, ask him intimate questions such as, "How do you like being kissed?" and pay close attention to his response. He may be attracted by your interest in him and turned on if you suggest that you want him. You can also flirt by teasing him with phrases such as, "I had a dream about you last night..." and leave him hanging.

After using a suggestive phrase such as, "You turn me on so much," follow it up by describing what turns you on and what you would like to do to him. Referencing anything involved with foreplay or sex may turn your man on.

Texting can also be a sexy way to turn your boyfriend on from a distance. Send him phrases such as, "Come over, now" or, "Meet me for lunch...and more."

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