How Can You Get Free Samples of Skoal Tobacco?

It is generally not possible to obtain free samples of Skoal smokeless tobacco products in the United States. Skoal occasionally offers free promotional merchandise such as Skoal-branded air pressure gauges and bottle openers on its website. These promotions require email confirmation, and the user must attest that he is 21 years of age or older. The company does not otherwise offer coupons for free samples or allow users to request them.

Federal laws discourage the use of tobacco and prevent its use from spreading, especially among minors. They accomplish these goals in part by controlling the advertising practices of tobacco companies and by placing strict limitations on the companies from giving away free samples of their products. Federal laws generally prohibit companies from giving away free samples, except in qualified locations specified in the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act. The law also gives states and local jurisdictions the power to place even tighter restrictions on the distribution of free samples of tobacco products and to ban samples altogether.

The law also places regulation of the tobacco industry under the control of the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA can promulgate regulations more quickly than Congress, and these regulations carry the same weight as Congressional-enacted statutory laws. Most companies protect themselves further from litigation and more restrictive legislation by not providing coupons for free samples or offering them online due to the potential for sending the product to minors.