What Can Runners Do to Treat the Symptoms of Leg Pain?


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Common ways to treat the symptoms of leg pain from running include rest, stretching and ice, notes WebMD. Additional treatments include compression, elevation and reducing exercise while the leg heals.

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A stress fracture is a common cause of pain among runners, according to WebMD. When a stress fracture occurs, it is important to rest the legs until they heal properly. Additional stress and use can worsen the injury and pain. Shin splints may occur when a runner increases the intensity of their workout. Treating shin splints involves resting, performing stretching exercises and slowly reintroducing exercise as the leg heals.

It is common for runners to get an inflamed Achilles tendon, states WebMD. When this occurs, treatments include icing the painful area, stretching the valves and resting. Overstretching a muscle may cause a muscle strain, pull or tear. Runners may also accidentally stretch or tear ligaments around the ankle. The best treatments for both of these conditions are rest, ice, compression and elevation.

If the bottom of the foot becomes inflamed from running, the best treatments are icing the bottom of the foot, stretching the calves and resting, notes WebMD. The IT band is a ligament that may become inflamed from running. Treatments include reducing physical activity, stretching and applying heat to the inflamed area before exercising, and icing the inflamed area after physical activity.

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