How Can You Get Rid of a Head Cold?


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There is no cure for a head cold, but symptoms can be alleviated by drinking hot beverages and taking a steamy shower. Immune-boosting supplements, such as zinc and vitamin C; blowing the nose correctly, by closing one nostril with one finger as you blow air out the other nostril and resting allow the body to fight the cold, according to WebMD.

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After coming down with a head cold, take a rest so that the body can redirect its energy to fighting the virus. Blow the nose as often as the urge comes, and avoid sniffling the mucus back through the throat, advises WebMD. Blowing the nose clears the nostrils and reduces the viral load, speeding the healing process.

A good diet is also essential in fighting a head cold as it boosts immunity. Also boost the immune system by exercising lightly. For instance, taking a walk improves the mood as well as the immune system. Taking dietary supplements, such as zinc and vitamin C, is helpful as well. If the head cold persists for a few weeks, it is best to see a doctor for a medical exam to see if another medical condition or disease is responsible for the symptoms.

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