How Can You Get Rid of an Eyelid Growth?


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Get rid of eyelid growths by holding a warm compress against the growth for 10 minutes. Repeat this process four times daily. Compression with a warm material drains the infected fluid, loosens blockage in the oil glands and restores the eyelid to normalcy. Another removal method is to have a doctor puncture the growth, which drains out the infected fluid. Surgery is an option for large growths, according to Healthline.

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Doctors prescribe antibiotic eye drops to treat and prevent infection after surgery. Anti-inflammatory steroid injections relieve inflammation after surgery. Eye growths are a result of bacteria or blockage in the oil glands present on the eyelids. Most eyelid growths are benign and fade with the help of basic home remedies. A person should consult a doctor when an eyelid growth becomes painful or interferes with eyesight. The underlying cause ascertains the best treatment options, notes Healthline.

Eyelid growths include styes, chalazions and xanthelasmas. Styes are red bumps that cause watery eyes, eyelid soreness and light sensitivity. Chalazions are small pockets of fluid that form as a result of blockages in the oil producing glands in the eyelids a blockage. Xanthelasmas are yellow in color and develop as a result of fat accumulation under the skin. Common in older adults, xanthelasmas are sometimes associated with high levels of cholesterol, states Healthline.

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