How Can You Get Rid of Your Dizziness?


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To get rid of dizziness, visit a doctor to determine the symptoms and the condition causing the dizziness, recommends Mayo Clinic. Dizziness usually subsides on its own within a few weeks, so it does not always require treatment. Common treatments for dizziness include balance exercises and medications.

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How Can You Get Rid of Your Dizziness?
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Medications that may be prescribed for dizziness include water pills, anti-nausea drugs, migraine medicine or anti-anxiety medications, according to Mayo Clinic. Some antihistamines may provide short-term relief if the dizziness is attributed to vertigo.

A doctor may recommend therapy to treat dizziness, notes Mayo Clinic. One treatment involves maneuvering the head's position. Some balance exercises can provide relief by training the body's balance system to be less sensitive to motion. If the dizziness is being caused by an anxiety disorder, a doctor may recommend psychotherapy.

Severe dizziness sometimes requires surgery, which may involve injecting an antibiotic into the inner ear to disable the balance function or removing the inner ear organ entirely, states Mayo Clinic. Dizziness may be alleviated by walking with a cane, avoiding sudden movements, and abstaining from alcohol, tobacco, caffeine and salt. Closing the eyes and sitting or lying down when dizziness occurs can provide relief. It is important for people who have spells of dizziness to be aware of their surroundings and the possibility of falling.

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