Where Can You Find Reviews for Forskolin?


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Reviews for Forskolin, a herbal dietary supplement for weight loss, can be found at the Cleveland Clinic and Supplement Police websites. Each of these sources review the research and effectiveness of this supplement, as well as its side effects.

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According to the Cleveland Clinic, the effectiveness of Forskolin for weight loss is unclear. They noted that use of Foskalin for 12 weeks by overweight men resulted in improvements in body composition. Several side effects were reported, including interactions with medications, increased heart rate, increased risk of bleeding and hypoglycemia. They did not recommend using this product. Supplement Police reviewed scientific studies that showed Foskalin begins the process of breaking down fat. One cited study showed an average weight loss of 10 pounds and 8 percent body fat over 9 weeks. Supplement Police also noted side effects of minor changes in heart rate and increasing bleeding. They concluded that, for an average adult, Foskalin can help burn fat and lose weight.

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