Where Can Replacement Eyeglass Cases Be Purchased?

Where Can Replacement Eyeglass Cases Be Purchased?

Replacement eyeglasses can be purchased through an eye doctor, at an eyeglasses store, at a big box or department store that offers eyeglasses or online at an eyeglasses website. Popular suppliers of eyeglasses include Eyeglasses.com, LensCrafters, LensRX.com and Zenni Optical.

If the eyeglasses are more than 1 year old, the patient should visit the eye doctor for a new examination. Since eyesight can worsen or improve over a long period of time, a fresh examination ensures that the replacement eyeglasses will provide the correct lens prescription.

If the eyeglass wearer purchased insurance or a warranty upon delivery of the eyeglasses, he or she might be entitled to a free replacement pair. Many stores and suppliers offer replacement insurance plans for broken or lost eyeglasses, which can reduce the cost significantly.

It is also possible to return eyeglasses for a replacement if the problem is related to a manufacturer's defect or an incorrect prescription. For example, if the wearer cannot see clearly through the lenses, he or she should return to the original seller to inquire about the accuracy of the prescription.

Additionally, eyeglass wearers should verify the details of their vision insurance plans, if applicable. Some insurers offer discounted eyeglasses when the customer shops at specific stores or suppliers.