Can You Remove Stitches Yourself?


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Removing stitches is not a difficult process, but it is recommended that it is done in a doctor's office, according to WebMD. A doctor can check to ensure that the wound is properly healed and ready for the removal of the stitches and give the patient advice and information to minimize scarring at the site.

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As stated by WebMD, removing stitches is a much quicker process than putting them in and is easily completed by a doctor who clips each thread near the knot and pulls it out. No anesthetic is used for stitch removal and there should be no pain; however, there may be a little tugging as the thread is pulled out.

The amount of time that stitches stay in depends on the part of the body affected, according to MedicineNet. With an ample blood supply and quick healing time, face stitches can generally be removed within five days, while stitches on most other parts of the body typically are removed within seven to 10 days. When a wound is under mechanical stress or when scarring is not an issue, stitches may be left in for longer; however, if stitches are left in for over one week, the risk of scarring increases greatly.

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