How Can You Remove Scratches From Eyeglasses?

Plastic eyeglass lenses can be cleaned with soap and a microfiber cloth to remove surface dirt and smudges, according to LifeHacker. If that does not fix the problem, Armor Etch can remove the coating, while baking soda or toothpaste can buff out deeper scratches.

Even scratch-resistant eyeglasses sometimes suffer scratches, as GlassesCrafter explains. The first step to remove scratches from eyeglasses is to thoroughly clean the glasses and to then assess whether further buffing is necessary, according to LifeHacker. In some cases, the scratch goes only as deep as the coating of the glasses, and in these cases, Armor Etch or sunscreen can remove it entirely.

Although Armor Etch?s glass etching effect does not harm plastic, GlassesCrafter warns that it should never be used on glass lenses. In cases in which the scratch is deeper, buff plastic or glass eyeglass lenses by mixing baking soda or toothpaste with a bit of water and rubbing it on the lens in a circular motion with a soft cotton cloth, as LifeHacker reports. If the first buffing does not remove the scratch, the process can be repeated, but GlassesCrafter warns that care must be taken not to change the thickness of the lens, which would change the refraction and effectiveness of the lens.

Buffing scratches out of eyeglasses prolongs their life. Accordingly, doing so can save money that owners would otherwise spend on a new pair, according to LifeHacker.