How Can You Remove Plaque From the Arteries Naturally?

To remove plaque from the arteries naturally, a person must eat a low-fat diet, maintain a healthy body weight, stop smoking and exercise regularly, according to WebMD. Managing stress and keeping cholesterol levels down also help naturally remove plaque from the arteries.

If natural treatments such as lifestyle changes do not help, there are surgical procedures and medications that can remove plaque from the arteries, explains WebMD. There are three main surgical procedures for plaque in the arteries, including stent placement, bypass surgery and angioplasty. A stent is a metal tube that goes into an artery, which helps keep the blood flowing as it should. Bypass surgery is an operation where a doctor takes an artery from another part of the body and then puts it into place by the clogged arteries. This helps oxygenated blood travel through the body.

A balloon angioplasty is another surgical procedure, and it helps open the arteries that have too much plaque, claims WebMD. A small balloon is placed into the artery and then inflated, which allows the blood to flow through the artery. Medications also help control the buildup of plaque in the arteries. These include drugs that lower cholesterol and blood pressure, in addition to aspirin.