Can I Remove My Own Surgical Staples?


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Only remove surgical staples by yourself if a physician has instructed you to do so, recommends Core Physicians. The reason you go to a physician to remove the staples is because the doctor has medical training and a special tool on hand for easily removing the staples.

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There are several different types of wound closure remedies, including staples, sutures, tapes and adhesive agents. Each type has a different use and requires a different procedure for removal, according to eMedicineHealth. Surgical staples are a quick remedy for wound closure. They are less costly for the medical provider, lowering the end cost for the patient. While the key advantage of using surgical staples is the lack of infection, the disadvantage of using them is the greater possibility of leaving lasting scars.

Staple removal can be a painless procedure when done correctly, notes eMedicineHealth. When removing surgical staples, physicians use a staple removal tool. This tool should be given to you by your physician if you are going to remove the staples by yourself. Your physician should also give you complete instructions on how to remove the staples. Make sure the area containing surgical staples is properly sanitized before attempting to remove a staple. If you are given the tool and instructions and are still unsure about the procedure, contact your physician and have the staples removed by a professional.

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