How Can You Remove Lipoma Without Surgery?


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Lipoma can be removed without surgery through liposuction and steroid injections, as stated by Mayo Clinic. However, most cases of lipoma usually do not require treatment. A patient can only opt to remove it if it's growing or causing pain.

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Lipoma are not cancerous and do not lead to cancer, so it is not necessary for them to be removed. In liposuction, a needle is used to remove the fatty growth. Steroids injections usually reduce the size of the lipoma but does not get rid of them. There is an ongoing research to find the possibility of using steroid injections before a surgery. There is no specific treatment for staving off or treating lipoma, as stated by WebMD. A surgical procedure is only recommended if the lipoma becomes painful, infected, bothersome, inhibits a patient's movement or if it increases in size.

A lipoma is a growth of fat cells that usually occur below the skin. They tend to grow on the thighs, armpits, torso, upper thighs, upper arms and the neck, but can be found on other body parts. The cause of lipoma is not yet understood. In some cases, the growth might be precipitated by an injury. It is usually diagnosed by simply looking at its appearance.

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