How Can You Remove a Corn on the Toe?

How Can You Remove a Corn on the Toe?

Products containing salicylic acid can be used to treat corns at home, according to MedicineNet. The salicylic acid helps to chemically diminish the thickened dead skin that causes a corn on the toe by dissolving keratin, the protein that forms the corn and the dead skin that often covers it.

The following steps can be taken to remove a corn from the toe:

  1. Apply salicylic acid
  2. Choose the preferred method of salicylic acid treatment and apply it to the corn. The treatment will break down the dead skin on the corn and turn it white. The salicylic acid treatments specialized for corn removal can come in various forms, including applicators, drops, pads or plasters, states MedicineNet.

  3. Remove the corn
  4. Trim or peel the dead skin away. This causes the corn to protrude, making it less painful.

Salicylic acid treatments are safe for most people. However, those who have skin issues or diabetes should use with caution, because they tend to have issues when it comes to their skin healing properly. Those who do have skin issues or diabetes and use salicylic acid treatments are at risk for the development of ulcers of the skin.

It is recommended that people with corns do not attempt to shave or cut them off, as this can lead to infection. If a corn has become infected, a doctor may prescribe antibiotics.