What Can You Do to Relieve Tennis Elbow?


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Treatment for tennis elbow involves resting, avoiding all activities that cause pain to the elbow, taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and applying ice to the affected area. Cortisone gels and injections are sometimes beneficial. After pain subsides, physical therapy exercises may be recommended to strengthen and stretch muscles around the elbow, states WebMD.

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To help heal tennis elbow, patients should use proper technique when playing sports and working manual labor jobs. They should also avoid tight gripping and overusing the wrist. Additionally, wearing a brace wrapped around the forearm immediately below the injured elbow may help to alleviate pain, notes WebMD.

If pain persists for longer than six to 12 months and conservative therapies fail to relieve symptoms, surgery to remove damaged tissue is an option, explains Mayo Clinic. The surgical procedure may be performed through a number of small incisions or a single large incision. In either case, post-surgery rehabilitation exercises are critical for proper recovery.

As an overuse injury, tennis elbow typically manifests as slowly increasing pain around the outside of the elbow, although in rare cases pain may occur abruptly. The pain is made worse by movements that stress the wrist, such as lifting objects, opening jars or using tools, according to WebMD.

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