How Can You Relieve Stomach Pain?


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According to Everyday Roots, methods for relieving stomach pain include using a hot pack, chewing fennel seeds and drinking chamomile tea, rice water or peppermint tea. To find the best remedy for stomach pain, it is best to determine the cause of the pain, such as irritable bowel syndrome, gastritis and indigestion, and treat that cause.

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What makes chamomile tea effective in treating stomach pain is that it has anti-inflammatory properties and helps ease the muscles of the upper digestive track, notes Everyday Roots. A hot water bottle filled with warm water can be laid across the stomach to ease the muscles. It is recommended that the pack be placed on the stomach for at least 15 minutes until the pain eases.

According to Everyday Roots, rice water is the water left over after cooking rice. When consumed, the water creates a shield over the lining of the stomach. To be effective, it is best to use double the amount of water that is normally used to cook a half cup of white rice. A bit of honey can be added to improve the taste.

Peppermint tea helps the stomach muscles relax and also helps bile flow, which aids in the digestion process. Everyday Roots notes that peppermint tea is recommended for indigestion and gas.

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