What Can You Do to Relieve Severe Hand Cramps While Holding a Pick?


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Hot compresses or another type of heat therapy can provide immediate relief from muscular cramps in the hand, reports Jessica Firger for Everyday Health. Strengthening exercises and stretches for the hand also prevent the occurrence of these cramps.

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Muscular cramping can be caused by dehydration or a vitamin D deficiency, according to Firger. Thus, appropriate nutrition can play a role in the prevention of cramps. Strengthening exercises are recommended to prevent cramping. Patients should practice pinching each of their fingers to their thumb to improve muscular endurance and flexibility. Other stretches include laying the afflicted hand flat on a surface and gently spreading the fingers apart.

Immediate relief from hand cramping can be found using various forms of heat therapy, explains Firger. A common therapy involves applying a warm wash cloth or hot water bottle to the hand for 10 to 20 minutes at a time. A less common therapy involves the use of white rice and a plastic container. The container and rice must be heated, and then the hand can be immersed in the rice. This therapy allows the hand to flex and contract against the warm rice for quicker relief and a strengthening effect. Use caution to avoid overheating the rice and to prevent scalding.

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