How Can You Relieve Scar Pain?


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Scar tissue pain treatments range from psychological treatments to pain medication, electrical stimulation and pain injections. Scar pain generally happens when scar tissue squeezes a nerve or when the causing injury damaged a small nerve in the skin, notes University Pain Center Maastricht.

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Most of the time, people with scar pain complain of a continuous discomfort that occasionally spikes with stabbing sensations at the scar area. Sometimes this pain happens after months have gone by without any pain after the operation that led to the scar. To complete the diagnosis, the doctor may squeeze a small portion of the scar to see if the response is additional pain. Even touching the skin around the scar gently can produce a response of pain in the patient. Unless the scar tissue still shows inflammation, no other examination is necessary, as stated by University Pain Center Maastricht.

After the patient fills out a questionnaire, the physician may recommend non-physical treatments such as cognitive-behavioral treatment, depression treatment or a more general psychological treatment to cover the more emotionally centered causes of the ongoing pain. Pain medication and capsaicin cream are common treatments for scar pain. The use of a TENS, or transcutaneous electrical neurostimulation, machine runs electricity near the nerves causing the pain and decreases discomfort without treating the source. Injections into the scar are another way that doctors can address the pain, states University Pain Center Maastricht.

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