How Can You Relieve Restless Legs?


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Warm and cold compressions, exercise, rest, massage and certain over-the-counter medications may relieve restless legs, explains Healthline. Taking certain dietary supplements and prescription medications can alleviate restlessness in the legs as well.

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A patient with restless legs can place warm or cold pads over the affected area or insert the legs in warm or cold water to relax muscles and reduce pain, notes Healthline. The individual should do stretching exercises regularly every day until he feels better. Relaxation therapy, including yoga, meditation and tai chi may counteracting tension and relaxing muscles. Sleeping and waking up at regular times may help alleviate the problem.

Vitamin B and minerals, including magnesium, iron and folic acid, may help in treating restless leg syndrome, states Healthline. Narcotics and gabapentin may help reduce the symptoms of serious restless leg disorder. However, gabapentin may cause nausea, weight increase, fatigue and headache. A person who experiences swelling of the throat or face, problem with swallowing, or difficulty breathing after using the medicine should seek immediate medical attention. Sleep aids and muscle relaxers may aid in reducing pain as well. The drugs may cause drowsiness.

A person who suffers from restless leg syndrome should move regularly, avoid consuming food and drinks that contain caffeine, stop smoking and cut down on the intake of alcoholic drinks, advises Healthline. Before taking any medicine, the patient should consult with a doctor or undergo a blood test to know the exact cause of the problem.

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