How Can You Relieve a Pinched Nerve in the Shoulder Blade Area?

Anti-inflammatory medications, such as naproxen, ibuprofen, and corticosteriod injections can help relieve the pain associated with a pinched nerve in the shoulder blade area, according to Physical therapy, combined with periods of rest, is essential for recovery.

If left untreated, a pinched nerve can lead to permanent nerve damage. Damaged nerves may require weeks or months of continuous treatment and periods of rest to partially or fully heal, as stated by Additional treatment options for a pinched nerve may include regular exercise, weight loss or surgery to reduce pressure on the damaged nerve.

Common symptoms of a pinched nerve in the shoulder blade area include pain in the neck, shoulders, arms, chest and upper back, according to WebMD. Those afflicted may also experience numbness or a tingling sensation in the hands and fingers. Some people may also experience periodic loss of hand coordination. Understanding how nerve damage occurs can help determine the correct treatment to relieve existing pain and aid in the prevention of pinched nerves in the future.

Engaging in repetitive motion activities, maintaining poor posture when sitting or standing for long periods of time, weight gain, a ruptured disc in the back or neck, and aging can all lead to nerve compression and pain, reports WebMD.