How Can You Relieve Calf Muscle Cramps?


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Calf muscle cramps or cramps that affect the legs may be relieved by certain exercises, drinking adequate amounts of fluids, medication and rest. Muscle cramps usually occur when certain muscle contract involuntarily, notes WebMD.

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Just about anyone can suffer from muscle cramps regardless of age or gender. This condition is characterized by sharp or mild pain depending on the actual course. While most muscle cramps fade away on their own, sometimes they may require medical attention, notes Mayo Clinic. When muscle cramps cause swelling or are persistent, pay a visit to the doctor for check up.

When blood does not circulate correctly throughout the legs, muscle spasms or cramps may occur. Blood circulation may be disrupted by issues such as tumors or other issues. Dehydration is another major cause of pain in the legs. Exercising in the heat or engaging in too much exercise may equally cause muscle cramps. Other possible causes of muscle cramps include magnesium deficiency, muscle fatigue, lack of stretching before beginning any exercise and malfunctioning of certain nerves.

To find relief from muscle pain, individuals should be sure to drink sufficient amounts of fluids to avoid dehydration. Some mild stretching exercising may help bring relief to muscles. Over-the-counter pain relievers and getting enough rest are other options that may be effective in achieving relief.

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