What Can You Do to Relieve Burning and Itching Skin?


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Burning and itching skin can be relieved with topical ointments, moisturizers and salicylic acid, states Healthline. Sometimes skin can be relieved if an individual eats food containing essential fatty acids because this keeps skin naturally moist, WebMD advises.

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Treatments to relieve burning and itching skin depend partly on the reason for the irritation, WebMD says. For example, the skin can become itchy when switching to a new household product, such as a certain laundry detergent or a harsh cleaning product. The easiest treatment method is to avoid using harsh products and switch to gentle cleaners. Scentless moisturizers and those without added chemicals can also relieve itchy skin. A good alternative is petroleum jelly.

If the itchy skin is due to a fungal infection, such as jock itch, then the individual should keep the affected area as clean and dry as possible, Healthline suggests. These infections often resolve on their own, but topical creams can relieve itching and burning symptoms. Severe cases of jock itch require antifungal medications that are prescribed by a doctor. Psoriasis is another condition that causes burning and itching skin. Moisturizers and topical creams that contain salicylic acid can relieve the symptoms. Corticosteroids and retinoids relieve the pain, as well.

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