How Can You Get Relief From a Yellow Jacket Sting?


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In cases of a mild reaction to a yellow jacket sting, treatment includes removing the stinger, applying ice to the site to bring down swelling and using medicines to address itching and pain. For allergic reactions or severe reactions, immediate medical attention is necessary, according to Mayo Clinic.

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Taking the stinger out is important because the stinger likely holds more venom that has not yet entered the wound yet. Washing the area with warm water and soap draws excess venom off the skin. Putting a cold pack on the site of the sting alleviates pain and swelling, although medications such as Advil or Motrin help to ease the pain as well. Topical creams with ingredients such as hydrocortisone, pramoxine or lidocaine can help with pain management, while calamine lotion and lotions with baking soda or colloidal oatmeal can relieve itching, states Mayo Clinic.

Allergic reactions to a yellow jacket sting show up quickly. Swelling can grow larger than four inches around at the site, which is bigger than a baseball, and intestinal cramps, diarrhea and nausea are signs of a mild allergy. It's important to see a doctor promptly if these symptoms occur, notes Mayo Clinic.

Bite victims who feel faint or dizzy or who have trouble breathing and/or show swelling at the throat or lips need emergency medical assistance, so it's important to call 911 or transport them to an emergency facility as soon as possible, advises Mayo Clinic.

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