How Can You Get Relief for Knee Pain?


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To relieve knee pain that just started, rest the affected region, elevate the knee, put a pillow below the knees when sleeping, or take acetaminophen or ibuprofen, recommends MedlinePlus. Apply an ice pack for around 15 minutes every hour the first day, then four times daily afterward.

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How Can You Get Relief for Knee Pain?
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Refrain from doing strenuous activities that worsen pain, and wear an elastic sleeve or ace bandage to support the knee, advises MedlinePlus. To reduce knee pain caused by physical activity, do warm-up and cool-down exercises before and after every exercise session. Walk slowly on a downward slope instead of running quickly. Minimize the amount of exercise you perform, and lose weight gradually. Use arch supports and special shoe inserts for flat feet. Wear comfortable and properly fitting shoes with good cushioning.

To alleviate pain caused by knee bursitis, place a towel on your knee, and apply ice for up to 15 minutes without falling asleep, instructs MedlinePlus. Do this home treatment three or four times daily for the first two to three days.

Avoid standing for prolonged periods, and use both legs when standing to distribute the body’s weight evenly, advises MedlinePlus. Do not lie on the painful area when sleeping, and put a pillow between the knees to reduce pain. Consult a doctor if you experience intense pain, or if putting weight on your knee is unbearable.

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