How Can I Release Stress After a Long Day at Work?


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Ways to release stress after a long day at work include exercising, taking hot baths, drinking teas such as chamomile that promote relaxation, and setting a relaxing atmosphere with aromatherapy products, recommends Woman's Day. Taking a mental vacation and practicing deep-breathing exercising can also prove therapeutic.

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How Can I Release Stress After a Long Day at Work?
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Going on a mental vacation consists of imagining oneself in a pleasant, relaxing setting, such as swinging leisurely in a hammock on a tropical island or on the beach, explains Woman's Day. The mental vacation does not have to be realistic to promote relaxation. For example, closing one's eyes and pretending to be floating on a cloud or out in space can help some people release tension and stress. Deep-breathing exercises need not be complicated to be effective. Simply closing one's eyes and focusing on nothing but breathing for 10 minutes helps reduce tension.

It is important to time exercise properly after a long day of work, to avoid getting too revved up before bedtime, according to Woman's Day. A workout three or more hours before going to sleep allows one to de-stress but still have ample time to wind down from the exercise before bed. Some good aromatherapy scents for achieving stress relief are lavender, sandalwood, rose and petitgrain. Before bedtime, one can drop oils in these scents into an oil diffuser to disperse the relaxing fragrances throughout a room, promoting sound sleep.

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