How Can You Regain Your Sense of Taste If You Have a Cold?

Regain your sense of taste when you have a cold by taking decongestants and antihistamines. Additionally, zinc supplements help in regaining a sense of taste, according to Healthline.

Impaired taste is an indication that taste buds are not functioning normally, explains Healthline. A person with a cold completely loses the sense of taste or has an altered taste sense, such as a metallic taste. Taste closely relates with smell. A cold impairs smell hence impairing taste. Taste impairment because of a cold is temporary. Taste returns to normal once the individual recovers from a cold.

Other causes of impaired taste include bacterial sinusitis, throat infections, multiple sclerosis and Bell's palsy. Antibiotics treat bacterial sinusitis and throat infection that cause taste impairment, states Healthline.

Impaired taste is common in adults over 60 years old, and pregnant women often experience a metallic taste, notes Healthline. Smoking; gum inflammation; medications, such as lithium; and cancer treatment cause taste impairment. A disorder in the nervous system affects how nerves send messages to the taste buds consequently impairing taste. Maintaining good dental health, consuming foods rich in vitamin B-12 and zinc, and avoiding smoking prevent impaired taste. Smokers recover from taste impairment two days after stopping tobacco intake.