How Can You Reduce Plaque in Your Arteries?


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Some methods to reduce plaque in the arteries include lifestyle changes, surgical procedures and medications, according to WebMD. The treatment method depends on the severity of the blockage and the medical history of the patient.

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How Can You Reduce Plaque in Your Arteries?
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A healthy lifestyle is very important for the management of plaque in the arteries and further reducing the amount of plaque, explains WebMD. Some of the lifestyle changes a person must enact include eating a diet low in cholesterol and saturated fat and maintaining a normal body weight. It also is important to quit smoking, manage stress, exercise and maintain healthy blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

There are three main surgical options to reduce plaque in the arteries, claims WebMD. Stent surgery helps to open the arteries and maintain blood flow. Bypass surgery is another option, in which doctors take arteries from other parts of the body and move them to ensure the flow of blood bypasses the arteries with clogs. Balloon angioplasty is a procedure in which a small balloon is placed in a clogged artery to open it.

Medications also can help to reduce plaque in the arteries, states WebMD. Some of the medications that work well include cholesterol-lowering drugs, blood-thinning drugs and drugs that lower blood pressure.

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