How Can You Reduce High Creatinine Levels?


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In many cases, lowered creatinine levels correspond directly with a reduction in blood pressure, according to Dr. Otis Brawley of the American Cancer Society. Eliminating salt in the diet and establishing a regular exercise program - sometimes accompanied by a drug regimen - also reduces creatinine levels in some patients.

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Creatinine is a form of chemical waste created by muscle metabolism. The body converts about 2 percent of its creatine (a substance that contributes to production of energy in muscles) to creatinine each day, which is carried to the kidneys through the bloodstream. At that point, the kidneys filter the majority of the creatinine out of the blood, adding it to urine, as stated by MedicineNet.com.

Kidneys functioning normally generally keep creatinine scores between 1.3 and 1.5; levels over 2.0 are cause for medical concern, notes Dr. Brawley. When the kidneys develop some sort of impairment, they often fail to eliminate the normal amount of creatinine from the blood, and creatinine levels rise. Tests of creatinine are a standard measurement for kidney function. If creatinine levels rise, doctors look for reasons why the kidneys would not be functioning properly. As of 2015, studies indicate that elevated creatinine levels in men are connected to an increased risk of prostate cancer, reports MedicineNet.com.

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