What Can I Do to Reduce the Glare From Oncoming Traffic at Night?

can-reduce-glare-oncoming-traffic-night Credit: Tetra Images/N/A/Getty Images

Reducing glare on the road at night is accomplished by wearing sunglasses while driving or cleaning the windshield. Removing particulate matter that refracts with light in both the vehicle cab and on its exterior makes it easy to increase the clarity of view in the driving environment. It also helps to treat the windshield with mild tint so as to reduce the amount of light passing through the shield.

Cutting glare during night driving requires treating glass and vision implements so as to ensure that there is limited interference in the vehicle landscape so that it is easy to enhance performance without infringing on the level of performance offered by the car. This is something that happens when there is too much tint and not enough visibility, the opposite scenario as what is experienced by drivers without enough protection.

Using a cleaning cloth on the inside and exterior of the windshield removes the fine particulates, pieces of dirt and buffs out scratches that catch light rays from oncoming headlights and cause glare. This ensures a less obtrusive driving experience no matter the kinds of bulbs other vehicles are equipped with.

At the same time, when drivers are more sensitive to light and glare, it makes sense to get tinted glasses or sunglasses to combat the enhanced glare some car headlights and roadside streetlights emit.