How Can You Reduce DHT Naturally?


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Some natural ways to block dihydrotestosterone include saw palmetto, pygeum, pumpkin seed oil and stinging nettles, according to About.com. Though these supplements do not treat hair loss overnight, they reduce DHT if they are taken consistently.

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Saw palmetto is a berry and a natural herb that can reduce DHT naturally, explains About.com. These berries come from a palm tree that grows in the southeastern United States and the West Indies. Pygeum, or the African cherry tree, is another natural remedy for reducing DHT, and people have used it since the 1700s for medicinal purposes. The combination of saw palmetto and pygeum can drastically reduce DHT.

Pumpkin seed oil also naturally reduces DHT, states About.com. This substance contains delta-7 sterine, which is a steroid that blocks the buildup of DHT in the hair follicles. People may take pumpkin seed oil by mouth, but many people claim that it works best as a topical treatment directly on the scalp.

Stinging nettles can cause pain on the skin, but when taken orally, this substance can reduce DHT, claims About.com. The root of the nettles is the most beneficial part, and people take tinctures of the root to fight hair loss. The combination of stinging nettles and pygeum or saw palmetto further reduces DHT.

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