How Can You Reduce Creatinine Levels With Foods?


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Diet plays a key role in the lowering of creatinine, and adequate consumption of fruits, vegetables, herbal tea and spices can reduce the level of blood creatinine, suggests Kidney Healthy Web. Kidney Cares Community advises patients to limit protein, salt and phosphorous intake.

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High creatinine levels in the blood occur due to poor filtration by the kidneys, states Kidney Healthy Web. Fruits and vegetables such as cranberries, bitter gourds and cucumbers help increase the kidney filtration rate, thus eliminating wastes from the body in the form of urine. Kiwi fruit, blueberries, red bell peppers and onions correct impaired kidneys and prevent creatinine from rising.

Controlled intake of spices like cinnamon can also reduce creatinine and urea levels in the body, suggests Kidney Healthy Web. Herbal teas such as dandelion root and nettle tea are antioxidants that improve kidney filtration rate and increase elimination of wastes from the body, resulting to low creatinine levels.

Kidney Cares Community advises patients against foods with high protein and salt levels. Proteins lead to production of wastes in the body, while saline foods impair kidney functions due to a possible increase in blood pressure. Patients should cut foods with phosphorous, potassium and high fat from their diet in order to control kidney pressure, thus encouraging easy excretion of wastes and a low level of creatinine. Individuals should take enough water to increase output of urine, leading to a low creatinine level.

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