What Can You Do to Reduce Your Chances of Getting an Autoimmune Disease?


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Chances of getting an autoimmune disease can be reduced by decreasing the risk of contracting viral and bacterial infections, reports Everyday Health. Keeping the immune system healthy by eating nutritious food, exercising regularly, managing stress, and taking probiotics and vitamin supplements is also helpful, states Newport Natural Health.

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Many risk factors for autoimmune disorders, such as ethnicity, genetics, age and gender, cannot be controlled, explains Everyday Health. However, reducing the risk of developing a viral or bacterial infection, which is also a risk factor, can help decrease the chances of getting an autoimmune disorder.

This can be done by washing the hands with warm water and soap for 15 seconds regularly, by ensuring that health providers maintain aseptic conditions when handling patients, by decreasing exposure to ailing individuals and by remaining up-to-date with vaccinations, says Everyday Health.

The immune system can be kept healthy by eating nutritious, organic foods and avoiding processed, sugary and high-salt foods and alcohol, explains Newport Natural Health. Taking vitamin D3 supplements, whose deficiency is associated with certain autoimmune disorders, and probiotics that promote digestion and elimination are beneficial. Brisk walking, practicing yoga and sleeping for at least eight hours in the night are also essential. Additionally, managing stress through deep-breathing techniques, meditation and aromatherapy is important.

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