How Can You Recover From a Left-Sided Stroke?


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It is possible to recover from left-sided stroke through rehabilitation and other treatments that help improve the movement of the arm and leg, notes the National Stroke Association. Examples of treatments for the condition include modified constraint-induced therapy, electrical stimulation, imagery and assistive devices.

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How Can You Recover From a Left-Sided Stroke?
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Modified constraint-induced therapy is a therapy that prevents the use of the right side of the body, forcing a person to use the affected side, states the National Stroke Association. This improves the function of the nerve. Electrical stimulation, such as cortical stimulation, involves treating the affected side to improve motion range, strengthen the weak side and enhance sensory awareness. In cortical stimulation, a tiny electrode is placed on the dura to stimulate the cortex while a patient undertakes rehabilitation exercises. Patients can use devices for electrical stimulation at home.

Imagery involves the process of visualizing the movement of the affected side, which stimulates the muscles and the brain, according to the National Stroke Association. This activity becomes effective when used together with other therapies. Assistive devices, such as walkers, braces, wheelchairs and canes, can help improve movement and strength of the affected side. Regular practice is the key to increasing flexibility and control. Patients need to work with a physiatrist, occupational therapist and physical therapist to help in managing the condition.

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