Can You Recover From an Enlarged Liver Diagnosis?


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Patients can recover from an enlarged liver diagnosis if the condition that caused enlargement is treated successfully, according to Healthline. Depending on the condition, treatment options may include medication, surgery and chemotherapy. Liver enlargement may be due to a large number of causes, some of the most common of which are cirrhosis, lymphoma, congestive heart failure, liver cancer and alcoholic hepatitis. Less common causes include Gaucher’s disease, Wilson’s disease, toxic hepatitis, infectious hepatitis and hemochromatosis.

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An enlarged liver, or hepatomegaly, is associated with severe disruption of normal liver activity, explains Healthline. Conditions that lead to an enlarged liver also obstruct blood flow, the production and flow of bile, glycogen storage and the clotting process. The underlying condition eventually leads to the formation of tumors that enlarge the liver’s size.

Tests to diagnose the cause of an enlarged liver include imaging tests such as ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging or computerized tomography; blood tests; liver biopsy; and magnetic resonance elastography. Blood tests rely on assessing the liver enzyme levels present in the patient’s blood sample. A liver biopsy entails analyzing liver tissue collected from the patient. Magnetic resonance elastography consists of mapping the stiffness of different sections of liver tissue and may be offered as a noninvasive alternative to biopsy, notes Mayo Clinic.

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