How Can You Reconnect With Old High School Classmates?


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Websites like Facebook, Myspace and LinkedIn are very useful for locating and communicating with classmates you haven't spoken to in a long time. Going to high school reunions and networking through people from high school you are still familiar with are additional ways to find and reconnect with people you knew years ago.

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Some services, such as Classmates.com and LinkedIn require a monthly subscription to use all of their features, while sites like Facebook and Myspace are free. While Classmates.com is a site specializing in locating previous classmates, there have been multiple allegations of fraudulent activity on the site. Facebook was originally intended to be a college networking site for Harvard in its development stages, and it has been used by many people to relocate old classmates.

Once you have contact information for someone you want to talk to, a short message or voicemail reminding that person of who you are and what classes you may have shared in high school works as an effective reintroduction that can open the door for further communication. Keep it brief at first, and give the other person a chance to respond before sending any lengthy messages or giving out a lot of personal information.

Contact your old high school and ask if there is any kind of reunion committee for your class, or if anyone in the faculty has kept in contact with people from your class. An alumni association is often a good starting point for locating old classmates if one exists.

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