Where Can You Read Reviews About Glucose Meters That Do Not Use Finger Pricking?


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Although noninvasive blood-glucose meters are not available for personal use in the United States as of 2015, an overview of devices that are being developed is available in an article by Sandeep Kumar Vashist published in Diagnostics, October 2013. The article also highlights the challenges of developing this complex technology.

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Many companies have introduced noninvasive monitoring devices over the past decade, but none of these have progressed beyond the clinical-trials stage, as of 2015. Those furthest along in development are a variety of devices that track blood-glucose levels through skin sensors and report the results to health care providers, clinical laboratories and hospitals, reports the Dark Intelligence Group. Other devices use nanotechnology to detect glucose levels from a diabetic's breath; a breathalyzer developed by Western New England University began limited clinical testing in late 2014.

Another noninvasive glucose monitor is in development at Princeton University, reports Gizmag. It uses a laser beam directed at a person's palm to detect the levels of glucose in the interstitial fluid under his skin. Additionally, the London-based company MediWise has released GlucoWise, a device that measures blood glucose using a sensor attached to a person's earlobe, the company website says. European trials began in 2014. A similar device, GlucoTrack, is due to start clinical trials in the United States by 2015, reports Healthline.

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