How Can You Raise Your White Blood Cell Count?


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To raise their levels of their white blood cell counts, individuals are best off adopting a two-pronged approach: making behavioral changes that increase activity levels and help avoid stress, and establishing more nutritional dietary habits, says Natural News. Small changes such as eating garlic raw are also a big boost.

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How Can You Raise Your White Blood Cell Count?
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Below-normal counts of white blood cells in the body are a sign of a weakened immune system and other possible underlying conditions, according to Natural News. Low counts of these disease-fighting cells can also be caused by the after-effects of recent illnesses and medical treatments or congenital conditions. However, more common conditions such as being overweight, under long periods of stress or not active enough may also affect a patient's white blood cell count. Establishing a consistent regimen of moderate exercise addresses all these causes, helping the patient lose weight and lower stress levels.

As important as the behavioral changes are, dietary adjustments such as eschewing sugar products, unhealthy fats and processed foods open the door to more nutritional choices, reports Natural News. Fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and antioxidants are at the top of the list. Examples of these include blueberries and strawberries; orange, red or yellow vegetables such as carrots; and vitamin A-rich leafy greens such as kale. One plentiful resource with no nutritional value but that has unmatched cleansing properties is water. Simply remaining fully hydrated boosts the immune system and raises white blood cell counts.

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