How Can You Get a Free Quit Smoking Pack?

QuitWorks, a program run by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, offers a free starter kit with two weeks' worth of nicotine patches and additional information. The program is available to anyone who is a daily cigarette smoker, or who has quit but needs additional dosage, and who is over the age of eighteen. QuitWorks also offers free counseling services, and most health plans help cover the cost of tobacco cessation medications and assistance programs.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have a tobacco cessation program which offers free help for those who are ready to quit smoking; interested individuals can call 1-800-QUIT-NOW to get personalized assistance, as of 2015. There is also a Quit Guide available on, with helpful information about tobacco cessation, including reasons to quit, tips on handling cravings, and medications that can help. For those who don't want to call and speak to an actual person, the CDC also offers smokefreeTXT, a program which provides round-the-clock helpful text messages delivered to a mobile phone.

There are many different programs available by geographic region. Learn to Live is a program available through the Anne Arundel County Department of Health in Anne Arundel, Maryland, which also offers free smoking cessation kits and classes. Health insurance carriers, such as HealthLink, also provide members with assistance and tools to quit smoking.