How Can You Put Weight on Fast?


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To gain weight quickly, a person must consume more calories than he spends each day. A pound is roughly equal to 3,500 calories, so eating 3,500 calories more than are spent each week should result in gaining around one pound per week.

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Eating more often makes it easier to add calories to each day's surplus, resulting in quicker weight gain. Planning meals helps to incorporate more calorie-rich foods, such as legumes, creamy soups and cheese, into multiple meals per day. For healthy weight gain, each meal should be balanced in terms of nutrition, and include proteins, carbohydrates, vegetables and fats.

Strength-training exercises build muscle, which adds weight in a more compact way than pure fat. Including protein supplements, such as shakes or energy bars, provides muscles with the energy necessary to repair and grow. Whey protein can also be added to smoothies and shakes for extra calories and protein.

Calorie-dense foods add calories without being so filling they prevent further eating, making it easier to reach the daily or weekly calorie goal. Examples are dried fruits, nut butter and avocados. Oils are high in calories and can be added during the cooking process without increasing the bulk of the dish.

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