What Can You Put on a Wasp Sting?

What Can You Put on a Wasp Sting?

According to MedlinePlus, applying an ice compress on the sting site for 10 minutes and then removing it for 10 minutes can alleviate skin swelling after a wasp sting. This process should be repeated.

Repeat this procedure as needed or until the swelling subsides. Those with circulation problems should apply the compress for a shorter duration of time.

In cases where the stinger remains in the skin, the stinger should be removed and the area cleaned thoroughly with soap and water before the compress is applied.

Calamine lotion or a combination of baking soda and water to the sting area are common treatments, according to WebMD. To treat pain, take acetaminophen. Antihistamines may relieve itchiness.

However, a severe allergic reaction to a wasp sting requires immediate emergency care because it can cause life-threatening symptoms. Some symptoms of an adverse reaction are breathing problems, hives and swelling in the throat area, according to MedicineNet.