Where Can You Put a Treadmill at Home?

can-put-treadmill-home Credit: Tony Latham Photography Ltd./The Image Bank/Getty Images

Place your treadmill somewhere convenient with a decent amount of room. Keep it in an open space with easy access, but not necessarily in the middle of the room or on a high-traffic path. A treadmill should be placed in a corner in the lower part of a house, so it can easily be reached without causing a disturbance in the center of the home.

Allow a sufficient amount of space near the treadmill, so that you can ascend onto and descend from the equipment with ease. Many treadmills also fold up so they take up less space. If you purchase a folding treadmill, it is advisable to keep it in a space where it is easy to fold and store.

The exercise section at about.com recommends that you test a treadmill before you buy it, to make certain that it is quiet and does not shake. If you use a treadmill on a bottom floor, such as a basement, it prevents the treadmill from shaking the bottom floor. A treadmill being used on a top floor in an apartment complex can disturb the neighbors below and cause continuous complaints to the landlord.

The walking section at about.com states that for maintenance purposes, the treadmill should be set-up in an area of the house where it is easy to take care of it. Store some wipes or an exercise cloth near the unit to wipe it down before and after you workout. If you have a pet that wanders the house, it is best to keep the treadmill in an area the pet cannot access. Otherwise, pets can reach the treadmill, play on it, claw it and leave fur on it.