Where Can You Purchase Strontium Citrate?


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Strontium citrate, which is a dietary supplement, can be purchased from health food stores and some supermarkets, comments WebMD. Many online health food stores also carry this supplement, including Vitamin Shoppe. Strontium citrate may be beneficial for healthy bones, but more clinical studies are necessary to determine this supplements true efficacy.

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Strontium is a trace mineral found mainly in seafood. Strontium citrate is a supplement sold for bone health. This mineral is similar to calcium and may help in the formation of bone. Although there are no studies for strontium citrate's effectiveness for treating osteoporosis, there are studies from 2004 and 2009 regarding a similar prescription medication called strontium ranelate that is approved for use of osteoporosis in Australia and Europe, according to WebMD. These two studies showed that strontium ranelate is beneficial in increasing bone density and in the reduction of bone fractures. Before using any supplements, people should speak with their doctor because there may be side effects or contraindications associated with them.

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