Where Can You Purchase MMS, the so-Called Miracle Mineral Supplement?


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Websites such as MMS Products International state that they are no longer allowed to process payments for the MMS miracle mineral supplement. Buying the same or similar products from an offshore dealer may be possible, but the FDA recommends against doing so, says Healthline.

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The official Miracle Mineral Solution website offers a number of books by MMS “discoverer” Jim Humble. Although the site claims that there are over 10,000 bottles being sold each month, the website does not sell the actual supplement. According to Healthline, the United States Food and Drug Administration states that MMS is touted to treat a number of unrelated diseases, including HIV, acne, hepatitis, cancer, the H1N1 flu virus and the common cold. WebMD notes that the supplement has also been touted as a cure for autism.

In an FDA press release dated July 10, 2010, the FDA warned American consumers against taking the liquid dietary supplement then known as Miracle Mineral Supplement, states Healthline. The release went on the state that when used according to package directions, MMS creates an industrial bleach known to be detrimental to human health.

After receiving a number of complaints about Miracle Mineral Supplement, the FDA advised consumers to cease MMS use and discard any remaining solution immediately, says Healthline.

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