Where Can You Purchase Marijuana Legally?

As of 2015, marijuana is legal to purchase strictly with a doctor's prescription in 19 U.S. states: California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Montana, Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and Hawaii. The District of Columbia also allows marijuana to be purchased on a prescription basis. Four states allow the purchase of marijuana for recreational purposes: Washington, Oregon, Colorado and Alaska, according to Governing.

Overseas, the official law of the Netherlands regarding marijuana is that it is technically illegal, but licensed coffee shops can sell as much as 5 grams of it to customers 18 and over each day. Advertising of marijuana is illegal in the Netherlands, and the overall aim of the policy is to give Dutch law enforcement the ability to concentrate on pursuing and bringing to justice dealers of hard drugs, notes Holland.com.

In 2014, José Mujica, the president of Uruguay at the time, signed a series of regulations into law that finalized the legalization of marijuana for purchase throughout the country. However, as of 2015, there is only one legal point of sale, a business called 420 in the country's capital of Montevideo. The Cannabis Regulation and Control Institute, the government body responsible for approving specialized sales points and pharmacies in Uruguay for marijuana, expects to receive sufficient funding to move forward and approve further sales points during 2016, states the Guardian.