Where Can You Purchase Maalox Chewable Tablets?

Maalox is not currently available for purchase, as of February 2015, according to the company's official website. Maalox was voluntarily recalled by its manufacturer Novartis. The Maalox U.S. website directs consumers to call this toll-free number to find out more about its recall: 1-800-452-0051.

According to WebMD, Maalox treated stomach discomfort from heartburn and indigestion. Its active ingredients were aluminum and magnesium.

On Jan. 8, 2012, Novartis recalled its Maalox products as part of a recall of all products manufactured at its Lincoln, Nebraska facility. Novartis explained its decision to recall in a press release as a reaction to complaints regarding bottle packaging and chipped or broken pills. Maalox has not resumed production since this recall, and The Washington Times reports that all staff at its Lincoln, Nebraska plant were laid off in 2014. In a press release on April 22, 2014, the pharmaceutical company GSK announced its intention to become the majority shareholder of the Novartis consumer product line.

On Feb. 17, 2010, the FDA warned consumers of the dangers of confusing Maalox Total Relief with Maalox Liquid Product and asked the manufacturer to change the drugs’ labels. Maalox Total Relief should not be used to treat gastrointestinal symptoms, and people with bleeding disorders should also avoid Maalox Total Relief.