Where Can You Purchase Hemp Oil for Cancer Treatment?

Medicinal cannabis oil can be purchased at marijuana dispensaries in states where marijuana has been legalized for medicinal and or recreational use. Constance Pure Botanical Extracts reports that selling cannabis oil online is illegal and that some online retailers falsely market cannabis oil made from industrial hemp as medicinal.

LearnAboutMarijuana.org reports that there are 480 natural components to marijuana, 66 of which are classified as cannabinoids, chemical constituents that are considered unique to the marijuana plant. THC and CBD are two of the cannabinoids found in marijuana and are purported to be effective in the treatment of cancer. THC is largely held responsible for the psychologically active effects of marijuana, but CBD does not cause any such effect.

According to Constance Pure Botanical Extracts, there is a large amount of public misunderstanding over the type of cannabis oil that should be used for cancer treatment. It is commonly believed that CBD oil is the most effective, but herbal clinical experience has shown that cannabis oil containing both THC and CBD has yielded more successful results. Disorders that appear to benefit from treatment with CBD oil include Parkinson's, bipolar, ADHD and epilepsy. Conditions such as anxiety, chronic pain and inflammation also appear to benefit from the use of Cannabis oil.