Where Can You Purchase an Exercise Heart Monitor?


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An exercise heart monitor can be purchased directly through the company that manufactures the device, an online website such as HeartRateMonitorsUSA or it can be purchased at a sporting goods store. The heart rate monitor's data is often displayed on a watch and is a great way for people to track their heart rate while working out to ensure that they are working out in their target heart rate range, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune.

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The common types of heart rate monitor devices are the chest strap model and the strapless model. The chest strap model is strapped on to the person's chest and then sends data to the watch while the strapless model is able to sense the person's heart rate by detecting the person's pulse, writes REI.

The exercise heart rate monitor is recommended for people who run, bike, hike, climb, ski and walk . It can also be a helpful tool for those who are interested in losing weight or who are trying to recover from an injury. The reason that people see success with heart rate monitors is because overtraining can harm the body and cause injury while undertraining does not produce the results that people seek, notes the Union-Tribune. The heart rate monitor helps people identify their target heart rate for the workout, which is usually in the 50 percent to 85 percent heart rate target zone .

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