How Can I Find a Free Printable Workout Log to Use?


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Finding a free workout log to fit your needs can be a challenge. Take a look at Bodybuilding, Fitness and Bodybuilding Workouts, and Personal Nutrition Guides to begin your journey to finding the perfect workout log that is both personalized and free.

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  1. Search the Internet

    Go to your favorite search engine on the Internet, and search for "free printable workout logs."

  2. Choose a site

    Look through the options provided, and decide which free workout log seems best suited for your needs.

  3. Download the log

    Look for a "download" link on the site you chose, and left click on the link. Make sure you chose a reputable site in order to avoid viruses.

  4. Print the log

    Once the log has downloaded, click on the box that pops up, and choose Open. Your computer will then open the log. Choose file and print.

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